Prepare for Summer

Inspect air conditioner: Summertime is prime air conditioning use. Make sure your air conditioner is ready by cleaning or replacing the filter replace air conditioner filter.

Check smoke detectors: Check your home’s smoke detectors to make sure they’re working properly, including the batteries.

Check the roof: Make it a habit to regularly inspect your roof for broken or missing shingles and remove any debris or leaves. This will allow you to catch any potential issues before they become expensive headaches.

Prep your Pool: Whether your pool has been in continual use all winter or was closed up for a time, it’s a good idea to make checking it out part of your standard spring maintenance routine. Make sure the filter is changed and the pump is in good working order, and have your pool cleaned and the water quality checked before summer begins.

Sync your Sprinklers: Watering your lawn can keep it fresh and green, but double check with local municipalities and ensure your watering schedule matches approved regulations. Also, time your sprinklers for early morning and evening hours to reduce water lost to evaporation during the day or grass root rot at night.

Clean your Gutters: Depending on the landscaping around your home, your gutters could be full of leaves and debris or even the nests of birds or small mammals. Clogged gutters can lead to water seeping down the sides of your home, causing water damage that could go undiscovered for months.

Test all power equipment: Check both gas and power operated equipment to make sure they are ready for use (before you actually need them). It is best to keep equipment clean and covered to make yardwork easier.

Prevent leaks in your home

Hurricanes: are on the rise, so now is the time to make sure your home is secure. Check your foundation for any cracks and leaks and repair any damaged areas.

If possible have water shut off in home if you are going to leave it unoccupied for a length of time.


Remove all movable objects: from porches and patios. Keep in mind a hurricane could turn them into dangerous projectiles that could damage your home or a neighbor’s.

Close drapes and blinds: That helps keep strangers from peering in to see what you own and to discover signs you may be away.

Stop newspaper and mail deliveries: Stacked papers outside or a full mailbox may attract unwanted attention.

Close up hurricane shutters.